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I have just spent several hours trying to install "Recruiter", finally done it and went to get add-on's for the recruiter to pay for listing Job Vacancies...WOW what a shock on the pricing of this CMS, I am usual a Joomla user but there is no half decent Recruitment Modules.

Is there anyway to monetise Recruiter without taking a bank loan against my house or is there any other module like Recruiter thatis cheaper, I must admit Recruiter is a brilliant tool but price lets it down

Any ideas greatly appreciated


I have not used Recruiter but I wonder if you could use Drupal commerce or Ubercart to sell job listings?


The trouble using commerce sites is that I need two seperate sections..one for employers and one for potential employees

Recruiter is brilliant compared to any other cms platforms attempts but I draw the line when they want 15000euros yes thats 15 thousand euros for a one time installation...and thats not the full package...thats the cheapest option to monetise it

I do not understand why

I need two seperate sections..one for employers and one for potential employees

would be an issue with regards to using an e-commerce module/package.

How I see it..sorry not got too involved with ecommerce

If I owned and ecommerce site then I would solely be uploading the products...not multiple people (employers) uploading.... multiple people can buy the products (employees/job seekers)

Would it be possible for 100 different people(employers) to sign up to the ecommerce site to post products/jobs

I am thinking more down a classified ad's site like gumtree would be easier to manipulate/make work

For Drupal commerce there is Commece Node Checkout and for Ubercart there is Pay-Per-Node are possibilities for what you want.

Right I will have a bash with it...it says pay-per-node can be used as a standalone...would this be able to be integrated into Recruiter do you think?

Having never used recruiter I do not know, it depends if a job listing is a content type or not.

I will have a go to find out and let you know

The pricing is for them to install, you can still download yourself and configure it.