The #1 priority at the moment is testing, particularly for those who have a valid Eloqua account. Otherwise here is a list (in order of most important) that needs to get accomplished.


  1. #1485858: Eloqua tracking scripts now consolidated
    This is the most urgent ticket that needs to be tested and rolled out.
  2. #1392580: eloqua module could better handle its dependencies
    This ticket will refactor the eloqua module to separate the webform logic into it's own submodule eloqua_webform. This is on hold until #1485858 since that has several refactoring.
  3. #1292302: Dissociate post from cron
    This is on hold too until the first 2 items are committed since it also involves a bunch of refactoring. I would like to refactor the cron logic to be relabelled 'sync' and for the admin to have the ability to choose real-time or cron as an option.
  4. #2052385: Fixing coding standard violations
    I have some whitespace and doc cleanup included in #1485858 and will continue to make some changes in #1392580. This is on hold at the moment as there is so much refactoring that needs to be done first.

Future features:

  1. Refactor the eloqua_webform module to use the Eloqua API module. We will need to scope this out to see the level of effort. It will be easier to sort through once we have finished refactoring.
  2. Eloqua entity form module for entity form integration?