Just opening up the conversation of porting this module to Drupal 8. Has there been any discussion or thoughts on the approach?

We'd be happy to help out. :-)



We would need to get a planning session for update strategy. With a lot of the page rendering process changed, I am very worried about being able to output Metatags in the ways we expect to do so. As well as make sure to account for the newer D8 technologies like CMI.

As Core is stabilizing a bit more nowadays, I wonder if it makes sense to start the discussion again?

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I don't recommend touching this until 8.0-beta1 is release, and I'm personally focusing on D7 for the foreseeable future.

If else anyone wants to work on this I'm happy to assist.

OK great. I might set up a sandbox so we can start playing around with a port in there.

Sandbox created here. https://drupal.org/sandbox/kimpepper/2175287

Let me know if you'd like write access.