After updating to 7.x-2.9 I have lost the ability to enable Secure Pages module and the Administration Menu (which is enabled) is not working at all. Needless to say, not having the Secure Pages module working is a major concern while running an ecommerce website. People need to see that https in the URL to feel that their information is secure during transfer! Also, I can not Clear all caches from the Performance page or even log in after logging out!


I got secure Pages working by enabling it on my local copy and importing database but, I still can not log in as user 1. I tried looking at the system and user tables but nothing is displayed on local or production.

Secure Pages is not shipped with Commerce Kickstart, you probably did something wrong during the update, did you follow the steps described here (

Thanks,... had to delete everything except sites and re-install.

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You shouldn't have to do that, there's nothing that has been done that could have caused this issue.

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I know I'm chiming in late to this issue, but given that SSL is one of the requirements for a commerce site, shouldn't secure pages be packaged?

Yes I know that all shared-management payment gateways are technically exempt from this (at least partially) because the card data is sent directly to the payment processor servers. But even locking down /user and /admin behind https would fall in line with best practices IMHO.

I can create a new thread if that would be more appropriate.

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#5 should be a feature request in its own issue.