I wonder if anyone can help me with Flowplayer API. I spent all day yesterday playing with this and I just can not get it working at all. I was unable to find any simple step-by-step guides for those of us with little experience.

I did try following this, but it was not overly simple either - http://gotdrupal.com/videos/drupal-flowplayer

What I was trying to achieve was to setup an easy way to host our conference videos on one page, similar this which uses Flowplayer. http://www.rcn.org.uk/newsevents/congress/congress_2011/archive_webcast

What I was hoping to do is find a way to integrate Flowplayer into my Drupal site using the Flowplayer API module, but I can't understand how to go about it.

Any help appreciated.


Don't know of any step by step guides, and 'api' modules tend to expect a certain level of expertise, but the simplest way to use it would be as a filefield formatter. There's a patch in the module's issue queue for it.

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