Hi everybody. As we are removing the 2.x branch, we created following patch to move the most important features of 2.x to 1.x.
We would write extra simpletests for it, but some people need a stable release urgently. That's why i'm releasing this patch earlier.
Can people that have currently 1.x running test this patch on their dev sites? The more real site tests that where done, the better :)

If you see bugs caused by the patch, you can post them here.


Title:Merge fieldgroup 2.x to fieldgroup 1.xMerge fieldgroup 2.x features into fieldgroup 1.x

Awesome. Would be super if you can give a quick rundown of what this patch includes. Would make it much easier for us less skilled in coding to help test things. I'm quite busy at the moment but would really like to help getting this patch committed.

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My excuses, i just see i uploaded the wrong patch (that's the patch with differences between 1.x and 2.x, taken from the 2.x)
Attached the correct patch.

Following stuff will be changed:
- when rendering a node. Fieldgroup will now start the building of groups in the preprocess layer, instead of the pre_render layer. This is needed to support preprocess fields. This is the most important thing to be tested.
- a html5 group type will be added
- it will be possible to set custom ids on groups.

Coding stuff don't need to be tested, it's more important that every group formatter type is tested when viewing nodes. I know a lot of people have big group setups :)


No worries, mistakes happen ;)

Thanks for the list of things included in the patch. It will be very handy when I get time to give it a spin.

Btw, is testbot enabled for this module? Seems it is not picking up on the "needs review" status. Or is that because the issue is a task?

Testbot is not enabled because we didn't have real tests (2 or something). But i'm currently adding tests for all known group types. Updated patch will be here, but i think if everything is green, that means the patch also won't break stuff :)

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Committed the patch + extra simpletests. Release coming up

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