Notice: Undefined index: quantity in tao_views_mini_pager() (line 440 of [...]sites/all/themes/tao/template.php).
I get this error and can't find any documentation about it or any issue in the issue queue.

I tried kpr($vars) in the function tao_views_mini_pager($vars){} and there is no 'quantity' in the $vars, which means the code
$quantity = $vars['quantity'];
quite justly throws an error. I did a quick and dirty fix like this:

if (isset($vars['quantity']) && !empty($vars['quantity'])) {
    $quantity = $vars['quantity'];
  else {
    $quantity = 0;

I'm not very good at the inner workings of Views pager functionality or the TAO theme, so I find myself unable to fix the problem in a proper way. I'm not even sure if it is an important problem. But I'm reporting it as a bug.

(Drupal 7.23 and Views 7.x-3.7)


Status:Active» Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

I think this was actually a views bug. Are you still having this issue with the latest version of views?

Hi, I have the same problem (using latest Views 7.x-3.7). It always appears when I open a view with a mini pager. The view I use was built with an older version. I will rebuild the view with the current version of Views next time and see if the error is gone. If so, then I guess this is a result from a Views bug.

Please check against the latest dev release of Views 7.x-3.x.