The Recline.js based preview is currently lacking in a number of ways. This issue will be the place to address those. The data preview fixes will include:

1) Better Default for Resource Nodes that Don't Use Recline
If a file is uploaded but one of the Recline views isn't selected there is not a great indication that a file is available. There should be a graphic of some kind or file icon.

2) Allow Users to Select in Memory Preview or DataProxy
Currently dataproxy is the default. This sucks for many reasons, one of which is that it doesn't work locally.

3) Connect to DKAN Datasore API
Like CKAN, use the datastore api if it is available. This will make data previews faster to render. For large files it should be much faster since only part of the data is delivered at a time.

4) Better Timeout Message
If a view is selected and the file can't load, provide a better message than is currently offered.

5) Better Support for Files with Large Number of Columns
Files with many rows are previewed well. Files with a few rows but many columns are slow and often time out. Lets fix this.

Update: the crossed out #s have been addressed. Still have not done #1.

See beta2 in Recline:


I'm new to PHP, Drupal and DKAN, and I'm really struggling with item 2).

I couldn't find answer for this question anywhere. The same server where I'm running DKAN locally will one day be the server of DKAN for the www. What do you really mean by "running locally"? Is there any setting I can change that makes it does not "run locally"? I'm using WAMP server in Windows, and also XAMPP in Suse SLE 11 SP1.

What should I do to make my "local server" to be the production server? I thought I should only set a DNS address to it, but it seems this is not the way (because of Recline, and this preview data mode, etc. etc.)

Please try and update to Recline module beta2. See the new instructions on the front of the project page:

I've addressed 3,4, and 5 and don't think I'll actually implement 2. Please try the updated recline module and file any issues you have. Thanks!

Thanks, acouch, but I just updated my Recline module on DRUPAL and the problem remains. (Unable to fetch URL... etc.)

I really would like to understand what "does not work locally" mean. Is it a DRUPAL issue? Or a DKAN? Or a PHP, or Apache? And how to make it work "not locally" in the web server?

I've been looking for this information for a few days, trying to understand it, and couldn't find anything. Only the same explanation that Recline does not work locally. But what does it mean? Is there a setting I can change in my webserver that makes it not be "local"? Sorry if my doubt is too much of a beginner, but It really does not make sense to me.

What is the file type? "Locally" means you are not on a webserver, but on your local computer, ie WAMP in your case. What message do you receive if any? Does the console log ( say anything?

Thanks, acouch. The file is .CVS, and also .XLS.

This is the error that I receive in the javascript console:

Resource interpreted as Font but transferred with MIME type application/x-font-woff: "http://localhost/dkan/profiles/dkan/libraries/font_awesome/font/fontawes...". localhost/:84
Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'on' bootstrap.js?mt0tcd:141
(anonymous function) bootstrap.js?mt0tcd:141
f.resolveWith jquery.min.js?v=1.5.2:16
d.extend.ready jquery.min.js?v=1.5.2:16
c.addEventListener.A jquery.min.js?v=1.5.2:16

How can I make it to be a "webserver"?
A simple port forwarding in my router would make the server access the external service?

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Issue summary:View changes
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This issues have been addressed. The dataproxy is only used for xls files. The recline preview now has a an icon for the file type on the resource.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.