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This page contains tips and tricks to customize the DnD library.

Make your customization exportable

The library is a view in-code and generally customization is not exportable. There are a few modules to overcome this, like Features Override. However in Scald, there is a native function to do it: just clone the view, customize and export it, then in admin/config/content/dnd choose that view to use as the default library.

The default library is stored in the variable dnd_callback_url (Views-based library or not).

Use a different library

To create a new library, you can either implement hook_dnd_libraries_info() or clone the default Views-based library provided by scald_dnd_library module. The scald_dnd_library module implements hook_dnd_libraries_info() to declares all views with "provides dnd library" definition as dnd libraries.

Filter atoms in the library

Add contextual filter into the view.

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