I have created 2 fields (title and body) bundled with a field collection for a content type. I added several records and later when thinking to add again more records, realised I can't add any more. The ajax seems loading infinitely. There are some errors captured with the browser developer tools in Chrome and firefox. Wondering is this related to IMCE? How to solve this?

The following message was captured in the recent log messages:


Notice: Undefined index: form_build_id in ajax_get_form() (line 320 of /myDomainPath.../public_html/includes/ajax.inc).

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That page should not include the imce script. Find the module doing that and disable it.

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extra info

I have the same problem that occurs after an ajax event I attached to the title field of a node edit form is fired.
The IMCE script should be on this page.
Any ideas?

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This happens because imce attach global error handler to jQuery.ajax()

I got the same error. I tried disabling modules and the error went away when I disabled Clientside Validation.

So obviously there is some compatibility issue. I am yet to discover this in details, but maybe someone will get some clue when reading this.

I've also tried with the patch above, but it didn't solve my problem.

also tried patch with no luck