Please post your suggestions for video examples on using FlexSlider. Please keep in mind the following conditions:

  1. The task must be general enough for a wide audience to benefit.
  2. The setup time must be no more than 5 or 6 minutes (beyond that we get into conflict with rule #1)
  3. The tutorial must be for the latest version of the module (no 1.x tutorial requests)
  4. Try not to post duplicate requests (but please do vote up suggestions).

If you'd like to record your own tutorial, feel free to do so and post the link in the thread. If they're extra good I'll even share them on the project page.


General setup and differences between sub-modules.

  • Using FlexSlider with Fields
  • Using FlexSlider with Views
  • Using FlexSlider as a library

Using FlexSlider with several lines of captions and links in captions.

Making a Flexslider view display from individual images marked in a multi-image upload field.
For example: fieldable images (file entities) marked for a slideshow display—views needs to query files instead of fields and it's a bit confusing.
I believe this would be a useful video, and since I learned how to do it (via trial-and-error) I could make it if you'd like.

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@Geijutsuka please post this tutorial, cause now Slider w/thumbnail slider ( is a impossible task for most drupal users.

@batigol I'll work on getting something together today or next week sometime. After I... remember how to do it. :)

Cool! I'm waiting :P