Is it possible to sort the topic list by the topics creation date and not by update date for one particular forum on my Drupal site (not for all forums, just one)?

Currently, when a topic is edited by the author it jumps to the top of the list. It makes sense for normal situations when editing a post makes it "new", but I have a specific forum where user wants the posts sorted statically by creation date, period.

I didn't find such option in the UI, and I wasn't able to figure out how to do it in a custom module via hook or something. I am ok with writing a hack if necessary (just don't know exactly which part to hack), anything that would enable the sort order by creation date.



You don't need to subscribe... there is "Follow" button for that purpose.

Sorry, I noticed that button too late

Advanced Forum provides several views, and one show the list of topics:
I added the 'Content: Post date' value under 'Sort Criteria', because I needed all forum-topics to be sorted by post date

I'm not an expert, but maybe you could duplicate the view, and apply each for its own type of order depending on forum id's?
Just an idea, I hope it helps you a bit further

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