Issue #747074: Allow other modules to unset/remove default codecs implements a hook to unset/remove and an UI for it is left for another issue (never created, until now).
This issue is to request a UI for enable/disable a codec.


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I create a filter settings that list all available codecs (default codecs are set as enable by default) and a hook 'video_filter_get_codec_enabled($filter)' to list all enabled codecs for a filter.

This patch tests successfully for me.

It would be useful if the instructions provided by the WYSIWYG plugin were modified to reflect enabled codecs. Instructions for all codecs are still presented to end users regardless of which ones are enabled.

In this new patch instructions provided by the WYSIWYG plugin are modified to reflect enabled codecs. As codecs are enabled per text format basis, but WYSIWYG plugin don't have text format context, the instruction shows all codecs available to the user (may not available in current text format, but for sure in one that he can use).

Patch #3 works as described. Thanks for circling back around on this issue. It's too bad that WYSIWYG plugins aren't aware of the active text format. The functionality provided by #3 will probably meet the majority of use cases.