Please view the following link in Firefox
It does not display the content image in responsive.

It is fine in Chrome
Any one help me to solve this issue pls

image.jpg43.21 KBliviokujur


I looked at your site. The image also does not resize in IE 10. I also can't see the reason for it. But when I give it a position: absolute; it does resize. Perhaps you can do something with that?

i tried but did not work... may be something to do with css for content area

Because some browser display your site correct and others don't, I guess your CSS styling is OK. When I have this kind of problem I just start to seek what styling declaration causes the problem. It is a frustrating puzzle, but I see no other way.

You can try to start with a fresh Zen subtheme and start again with implementing your styling around the content area and see what happens.

Try to have fun, puzzling vitalizes the mind :-)

Did someone found a solution to this problem?
It is happen to me also - Working fine in chrome, but not working in Firefox & IE.

Actually, I just notice that, that for a half of a second the picture is on the right size, but then jumping to the bigger, not responsive size.