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In #1938062-98: Convert the recent_comments block to a view @webchick said

- Similarly, what does "Use default settings" mean in terms of number of things in a block? We should tell people what the value is. (e.g. "10 (default settings)")

Proposed resolution

Change "Use default settings" to "10 (default settings)" and

Remaining tasks

Review by @webchick

User interface changes

"Use default settings" is changed to "10 (default settings)" in block config screen.
'Items per page' is changed to 'Items per block'.
Only local images are allowed.

API changes


#1938062: Convert the recent_comments block to a view

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Here is a patch for it. The patch also fix the title on the views wizard.

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This is great. RTBC for @webchick.

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I think the wording should be reversed here. Given the example: You are not choosing to explicitly show 5 items, which FYI just happens to be the default. You are choosing to not override the default setting, which just happens to be 5 at this point in time. If you choose "5 (default settings)" now, and then change the view to show 10 instead of 5, then your block will show 10 items as well. That is not clear from the current labeling.

Also I think it should be "default setting" instead of "default settings".

Since this is only my suggestion marking "needs review" to gather some feedback, instead of "needs work".

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Fixing typo, thanks @tstoeckler. The text is fine as is, and matches what was requested in the other issue.

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Committed 5fc01a8 and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

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