When I include a view PDF inside another view PDF, it shows the contents of that view twice.
Steps to duplicate:

  1. create and save a View PDF Page displaying 10 node titles
  2. create another view PDF page
  3. change items per page to 1
  4. add field: View: include view, and select the previous view
  5. save view
  6. when viewing the final PDF, the titles from the included view appear twice. (1-10, then 1-10)

I haven't been able to figure out what's happening, but commit 547dc6f seems to work fine, while commit b747ea7 has this problem.


I have same problem, I use this useful module when I creating invoices with Commerce module. The line items have to be included from another views. There are 2 views, one of them creates pdf only line items and main view have another fields (letterhead, date etc..) and have "Insert View" field. The insert view field showing duplicated.

Same problem here with latest dev from Nov 18.
Did you find any way to solve it?

If someone can digg more in this issue.

Currently I'm full focus on the v 2. But if this issue present some patch, I can test it and see if this solve the problem.

If you use normal display, like block o page when you add a field: View: include view it duplicate as well the content?

I reproduced the same content in a page view including another page, there the included view only appears once.
I'll try to debug the next days, trying to find the root cause. Just thought, maybe someone has found a workaround

Ok thanks

I wish I could help, but this looks over my head. The problem may have started with this issue
#1313404: Grouping field doesn't work in the PDF
the phrase "dramatic refactoring" was thrown around a bit.

@adri4n, as for a workaround, I'm just using an earlier version that doesn't have this problem. If you checkout 547dc6f, it doesn't have this problem.

Issue summary:View changes

I have the same issue, but cannot revert to earlier version because other problems appears (positioning of included view).

Status:Active» Needs work

So I have to take a look the diff in between these patchs

Same problem here with latest dev from Nov 18.