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Last updated: August 24, 2013 - 02:26

Release notes

Initial official release of CKEditor for WYSIWYG module. This version bundles CKEditor 4.2 as part of its download.

If you've been using the development version of this module, this version includes lots of bug fixes:

  • #2073119: Add margins to floated images.
  • #2073117: Resize handles sometimes leave dotted border class and placeholder in saved content.
  • #2073105: Replace webkitdrag with newer dragresize plugin.
  • #2073061: Upgrade CKEditor to version 4.2.
  • #1878566 by webaccess, quicksketch: Full Screen editing puts controls under toolbar.
  • #2073043: Move admin forms to includes/
  • #1930416: CKEditor inline functionality breaks Insert module paste from clipboard.
  • #1887174: Some enabled buttons not shown even when enabled (underline, sub/superscript).
  • #2009924: CKEditor does not load properly in dialogs.
  • #1939840: Provide compatibility with earlier versions of jQuery without the .on() method.
  • #1911462 by swati.karande, Paulmicha: Editor gets disabled by ajax calls : detach trigger isn't checked properly.
  • Fixing JS error when images do not have both a height and width attribute.
  • #2008936: Basic documentation on styling.
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