We are still using Chosen 1.x, which is not even supported anymore. The currently supported release is 2.x-alpha2, and it also fixes #1837632: Warnings when trying to edit a price field.
So let's move to 2.x-alpha2 and test Kickstart with it.


did you mean to delete the "chosen 1.x contribution module", and install the new chosen 2.x in:
site/all/modules ?


I wanted to do that, but afair there was an issue that wasn't fixed in the 2.x branch but the update seemed to work when I tried it.

I tested this as well and the update seemed to work fine. We will need to make some theme updates to maintain some of the select box styles, though.

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I opened a Pull request for that (https://github.com/commerceguys/commerce_kickstart/pull/3/files), however it needs some css love before it gets in. Aaron, we need your skills now :)

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