I am working with Commons 3.x - it has wonderful Commons Origins theme, which is AT sub-theme. The documentation about it is pretty non-existent and it seems there are much more to do that to simple follow sub-theming documentation on Drupal or use Footheme? Waht to do with those extra goodies in folders: sass and others?

The question is: what is the proper step by step way to create sub-theme?


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I am facing the same problems too. Trying to create a sub-theme from the Commons Origins theme but can't get the color palettes to show up in my themes

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Please check that the core modele "color" is enabled! You need it to change the color.

Now copy AdaptiveTheme from https://drupal.org/project/adaptivetheme and AT Commerce from http://drupal.org/project/at-commerce to your themes-path like sites/all/themes/
Always match version for version - this means the subtheme and Adaptivetheme core need to be the same themes-version!

If you have installed "Drupal Commons 7.x", the needed themes are installed.

Then look at http://adaptivethemes.com/documentation/drush :
drush adaptivetheme "Your Theme Name" yourthemename

Then you find your new theme at "profiles/commons/themes/contrib/yourthemename".

In the .info file of your own theme you have to find a line like
base theme = " "
where you change " " to the name (if necessary with "_", no " ", no "-") of your base theme, e.g. "commons_origins"

Then look at http://adaptivethemes.com/documentation/footheme for "3.":

Color module stuff - using Corolla? No issue, do nothing. If you're using Pixture Reloaded or Sky then you need to delete the color folder from this theme and copy/paste in the color folder from your chosen base theme.

Pixture Reloaded uses images as part of the color process - they are all in the /images folder in Pixture Reloaded - you should copy and paste that folder in as well.

Copy the directory images from your base theme ("profiles/commons/themes/commons/commons_origins/") to your own theme!

Then copy the directory templates and the file template.php from your base theme ("profiles/commons/themes/commons/commons_origins/") to your own theme!
Then open the file template.php of your theme within a good editor and change "commons_origins" to "yourthemename" everywhere in this file.

Then goto "admin/appearance" and click at "Enable and set default" of your theme. Now goto "admin/appearance/settings/mythemename" and save your theme settings.

Now clear all caches.

I never used your base theme, so I cannot help you more.

Good luck!


This likely belong in the Commons issue queue - AT has no relation to Drupal Commons apart from the fact that it's the base theme for commons_origins. See #2075847: How to create a... Commons Origins sub-theme?.

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Moved to Commons, this is no AT issue

How do you add a subtheme instead of




because when I move the theme
to /sites/all/themes/ I get error messages i.e

Notice: Undefined variable: inner_prefix in include()

Many Thanks for your help