did check many times, and fast click.js is existing there on the server in /sites/all/libraries/fastclick but still Drupal acting up and telling me "Couldl not load FastClick library. Please check that fastclick.js is inside the libraries/fastclick/ directory"



Could you paste the full path of your fastclick.js ?



Please can you check that sites/all/libraries/fastclick/fastclick.js exist and that the web server has read access to it?

Project:FastClick» FastClick Everywhere

I cannot reproduce it.

Also, please make sure you have the Libraries API module enabled.

Changing the project to FastClick Everywhere.

Libraries API module IS installed ...

tried to empty Caches ... no success

when dis-enabling Fastclick everywhere, the error message dissappears ... fine

but now i don't understnd the differnce in funtkion between FastClick and FastClick everywhere?

Sorry you are right, there's something wrong.

Please hang on.

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Apologies. I've fixed this on version 1.1 of both modules.

About your question:
Fastclick is a Drupal library. Other themes and modules can use it.
Fastclick Everywhere is a module that uses that library.

This is done in order to share external libraries in Drupal. For example, a module may want to attach the 'fastclick' behaviour only on certain pages. Or a theme could attach that behaviour in just a specific region of a page. If not using Libraries, a theme and a module that use FastClick would include the library twice.

Using the Libraries API has several advantages, see https://drupal.org/project/libraries

(But currently, FastClick module is just a boilerplate, I plan to extend it in the following days to make it more useful (version checking, auto download the library from github using drush, etc.))

Thank you .... the functionality this module offers is there now, after uppgrading to version 1.1 of both modules. The message I described is gone ...

BUT: on my end, maybe due to other modules (i don't know) this happens ..
After uppgrading I had Fascclick enabled. In order to test if things work I had to enable also the FastClick Everywhere module. When clicking the "Save" button in the module section of Drupal nothing happened. Nothing changed. Looked as my site was not responding to the mouseclick on the "save" button. After the couple of minutes I did reload the module section from the browser and checked the status of both modules and yes, both were enabled now. And the functionality was there on mobile devices. But there is also something now making the module section "save" button unresponsive to the eye.

also: i am usuing a module that provides a filter for the modules. i could write "Fast" and into the searchbox of this filter and both modules would show up. Now with version 1.1 of both Fastclick modules this Search filter does not work any longer ....

Dis-enabling "FastClick Anywhere" resolves the 2 problems described now ...

let me correct this ...

problem 1 described with drupal not rsponding visually when clicking "save" ..... aftger 20-30 seconds drupal shows response and comes up with message "changes saved"

problem 2 with search list to filter modules: not resolved. with Fastclick Everywhere enabled this search filter does loose its functionality. as soon as Fastclick Everywhere is dis-enabled the search filter for modules does work again.

This must be related to something you have installed. Could you test with FastClick Everywhere 1.2?

If the same happens, would you able to reproduce this on a clean install or give some clear steps for reproducing the problem? Feel free to create a new issue for this.

After upgrading to FastClick Everywhere 1.2 everything seems to work fine. To tired though at the moment for more in detail-testing

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