Is it advised to use SUSY's at-breakpoint() for theming tablet/desktop styles, or should breakpoint() be used for any non-layout theming?


What's confused me was at-breakpoint() / SUSY is using the $base-font-size; variable. But breakpoint() is using the browser's default font size of 16px. So unless I set $base-font-size: 16px; my layout (SUSY) breakpoints at-breakpoint() will break in different spots to my theme (breakpoint sass) breakpoints if they're passed the same em value.

In the example below the following would break at different points:

Susy Config

$base-font-size: 14px;


@include at-breakpoint(44em, 16) {  /* ... Code ... */  }


@include breakpoint(44em) {  /* ... Code ... */  }

Is this correct and is there a way to pass breakpoint() a default font-size?

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I skip at-breakpoint() from susy entirely and just use breakpoint(). Why? Because it has no-query fallback support.

@see #2064087: Susy & Singularity grid systems: comparison and gauge of preference for more information on that.

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