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Last updated: September 5, 2013 - 01:11

Release notes

New feature: you can use contextual arguments (i.e. those appended to the URL) in the Location Differentiator. Use the !1, !2 etc. syntax. Typical use is when you have a View of node locations that you show as a block on every /node/### page. You want to show the marker that belongs to node showing in a different color. That's where you use the !1. Feature sponsored by Nicolas Borda,

New feature: support for Apache Solr Search (using Search API).

New feature #2043645: Is it possible to add a Group by option to the Format settings like other views formatters often have?. Initial patch provided by Stuart Clark (Deciphered).

Fix for #2070655: Marker error in select box after upgrade to latest DEV.

Fix for regression error in display of polygons, linestrings etc. #1981350: Can we use Geofield polygons with Leaflet map?.

Updated documentation to fix #1992804: Markers not showing -- Untick "Use field template" on your Geofield (Commerce Kickstart).

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