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Related/postponed-on: #675446: Use jQuery UI Autocomplete

The country list drop-down is way too long and users have to scroll through its options. Lets provide them a way to filter it down to only a few of them by simply typing a couple of letters included in their intended selection. A jQuery UI autocomplete combo allows that (demo).


...adding same tags as the parent issue.

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I will start this idea tomorrow :)

expect patch soon

but is the component accurate? why language system?

but is the component accurate? why language system?

I originally thought to go with th installer component, but the country/timezone selector is not unique to the installer - we also use it in the Regional settings page (admin/config/regional/settings). That's why I believe the language system is the right place and why I filed this issue against it, but feel free to change it as use see fit. I claim absolutely no expertise in the core components whatsoever :P

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in any case, it involves JS. tagging.

@afeijo are you still working on this?

Yes, I plan to. Just didn't had time in the past weeks.
I intend to start this weekend.
Do you want to join it? :)

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This would be a nice addition to Core!