Dear Developers ,

I have an application written in c# to communicate with Drupal and add nodes using XMLRPC;
Was working absolutely fine untill what seem to be a misfortuned Services module update .
Now, when the c# application try to CRUID , server returns "[401] CSRF validation failed"

Read around;
Now , i managed to get the token from []
Attach it to the header to the XmlRpc proxy preforming the adding of the node.
But still problem continues to reside.

Any idea on what i'm missing here ?
Or a way to confirm that token i got is an acceptable token ?
Further debugging tools or "deeper" logs of the Services module ?

I'm an old coder , but this is my first encounter with drupal . :)
Thank you so much in advance. Your help is much appreciated.

Ramez A.


you're probably better off asking something so module specific in the services module issue queue.

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Got it!! It's here https:/
Thank you WorldFallz.