I am new to drupal. I have been looking at the tutorial videos people put on youtube.com but i am still confused. Do I need to have a separate install per website I make with drupal?

Seems like a dumb question but im serious! lol



You will probably find the modestly priced paid video series from lynda.com, drapalize.me or buildamodule.com worth buying for a coherent and quality-controlled overview.

You do not need a separate install per website. However, the alternatives are complex, and many experienced Drupallers do not use them. Generally having one install per website is the simplest and cleanest way to work, and is the best way to start.

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As previously stated, the easiest way for what you are referring to is to keep a separate Drupal installation for each of your websites. It will make it easier for a novice to handle a number of websites that way and keep a record of the changes made on each one of them. Also, I would suggest reviewing the Drupal documentation as a starting point for the development of your website. It is available here

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