I am in the process of changing host companies however, the following error is appearing on my site when I view my website on the new host server:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function drupal_is_cli() in /home/s1014712/public_html/sites/all/modules/uc_ssl/uc_ssl.module on line 70

My IP address is and the error shows when I go to this site.

I believe that the current hosting company did not use a separate SSL certificate on my site and I had to purchase one for the new hosting company to install. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the error.

Appreciate your help and advice.

Many thanks


Hi Jacinta

It's saying it can't find the function drupal_is_cli, which is part of Drupal core. If the problem were an SSL certificate not existing properly, you may get other errors, but not "call to undefined function".

I'd suggest you try uploading the site again. Many hosts offer a free service to transfer you from an old host - you may want to ask if they'd do the transfer for you.

If you're using FTP, make sure the FTP client is in Binary, not ASCII, mode.

James Oakley