I'm having a problem with Feeds import changing the title of a related entity when it'snot supposed to, I have two content types, sets and parts. I have an image on sets that I want to show up on the parts list, so I have it set up as an entity reference on the parts content type to field machine name field_entity_set_image. This all works fine if I add my parts by hand but when I use feeds import to add a tab separated text file That's when the problem starts. I'm also using Entity Reference Feeds - patched as noted here https://drupal.org/node/2005798.

In my feeds importer i have a mapping from Source - Set Image (which in the txt file is the name of the set). The Target is set as field_entity_set_image (sets; Title). What happens is that the Title field of a specific set (with nid 314) is changed to the Title of the Title field that I want to link the imported parts to and then links that image to the parts not the desired set image, and I end up with two set with the same Title.

Any help would be great!

one more thing the entity id from the feed_item table is 314 - the nid of the improperly changed item.