I tried to make custom breadcrumbs for forums with Path Breadcrumbs for AF, but as I can see AF doesn't provide enough tokens to use with Path Breadcrumbs (only tid and name). Is there a way to provide more tokens like node and taxonomy modules provides? I also posted issue in PB project, but they said that it related to AF: https://drupal.org/node/2078499


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I can't allocate much time integrating AF with 3rd party modules but I am open to suggestions and (working) patches.

Can you point me which file/files contain AF tokens, so I can try to implement new tokens for PB and other modules.

What do you mean by "AF tokens"?

Taxonomy and Node modules provides a lot of tokens and I know how to add new tokens to it, but AF overrides standard forum topic list and forum topic page, with own code and I can't find where I can define new tiokens to it. For now AF provides "tid" and "name" tokens, but I want to add taxonomy with parents tokens to use it in Path Breadcrumbs module to make paths like this:
home > forum > forum name
home > forum > forum name > subforum name
home > forum > forum name > subforum name > topic name