I have a bilingual site (French and English) and I need a little help straightening out my confused mind. I have become lost after a lot of trail and error.

I am trying to set up the front page to show content in one language or another depending on the users choice of languages. But I also want it to display the untranslated content ie: an English node (teaser) when the user is French. I'm sorry I'm very bad at explaining myself, but right now I can only display content (teasers) in one language or another.

Also, at admin/config/regional/i18n/select on the Selection tab, in the Content Selection Mode I only have Skip Tags showing up without any of the other options that I thought were supposed to be. I obviously forgot to install/enable something but I don't know what.

I am running with i18n with the following:
Block languages;
Field translation;
Menu translation;
Multilingual content;
Multilingual select;
String translation;
Synchronize translations;
Taxonomy translation;
Translation redirect;
Translation sets;
Variable translation.

As well as locale, content translation and l10n_update.