This issue is part of the task to update the hook_help texts of the Drupal 8 modules:
#1908570: [meta] Update or create hook_help() texts for D8 core modules

- review / write the hook_help text according to help guidelines

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The Private downloads part seems missing ...

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Updated help about files download method

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Thanks! The added text seems like kind of a good idea, but it is too vague to actually be useful. Also, the new sentence doesn't end in a ".". If this information is necessary, it should be here, so that it can be translated and be available within the site. We can't force people to go read a handbook page in English.

You should also refer to the System module help page for more information about file storage. In Drupal 7 and 8, you don't set up one default type of file storage anyway -- a site usually has both public and private files. So what is said here sounds wrong? Can you choose which one to put your color files in? If so, this should be mentioned.

Looking at the existing help as a whole, we also need to update the links according to
And we don't want to call it the "online handbook" any more -- see for proper wording.