This issue is part of the task to update the hook_help texts of the Drupal 8 modules:
#1908570: [meta] Update or create hook_help() texts for D8 core modules

- review / write the hook_help text according to help guidelines

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Note: The File and Image module help is soon going to be expecting that the System module help includes an explanation of private vs. public file storage, and how to configure this. When this help text is reviewed/updated, can you make sure file storage is covered?

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Self-assigning: Working on it.

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Patch description:
Added help entry for public and private file system.

Status:Active» Needs review

Status:Needs review» Needs work

With a quick glance I noticed that the string tokens were using @ rather then !. These will need to be fixed as well as updating any url calls following the guidelines listed on this page Once these are fixed I would be happy to do a full review for you.

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I appreciate your suggestions.
I have updated all sections of hook_help matching D8 coding standards.
Attached patch for your reference.

Status:Needs review» Postponed

There looks to be a blocker for this dealing with module management so marking this postponed until #2035079: Figure out what to do with the install/uninstall modules page can be resolved. This will have an impact on the managing modules section which is not reviewed below.

A few nit picks unfortunately, most of which date back several versions of Drupal.

  1. Two white space errors are present in the patch
  2. In "Configuring private and public file system" a the should start the sentence as it does in all other sections.
  3. In "About" some of the listed items caching, enabling and disabling modules and themes, might be better to combine into a sub list of the longer features list. Such as managing system cache, modules and themes. This will help also to bring the about section into line with the blocking issue above and other recent module management changes.
  4. Caching in several instances might be better replaced with system cache in locations where contexts suggest an object rather then the act of caching. (Merely a suggestion)
  5. In "Performing system maintenance" the text You can set up cron job by visiting Cron configuration page should better define what you are able to do on the cron configuration page.
  6. In "Configuring private and public file system" the first sentence seems to be a touch on the complicated side. I would consider revising using more concise terms and simpler structure.
  7. Need to replace the depreciated module_exists() call with \Drupal::moduleHandler()->moduleExists('update') in the admin/modules case.
  8. A bonus would be to replace the global $base_url used to resolve the update script path.

You certainly picked a good one and for that you are appreciated.

#2109553: Add route to resolve update.php path allows the use of routes now to replace $base_url in resolving update.php links and removes the dependency on using the global.

Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback and suggestions (which is always appreciated at my end).
I will figure out the changes and update you with the latest patch version shortly.

In the issue queue #2031177: Improve help for file module it was proposed to move a section about public and private files into the system help:

      $output .= '<dt>' . t('Storing files ') . '</dt>';
      $output .= '<dd>' . t('Files that are uploaded through a file field are stored in a directory that is publicly accessible over the web. When public files are listed, direct links to the files are used, and anyone who knows the URL of that file can download it. The public folder is defined in the settings.php file. Consult the <a href="!file-system">File system</a> settings for information about that directory. Files can be stored in a protected folder by setting a <em>Private file system path</em> in the <a href="!file-system">File system</a> settings. Files in the private directory are not accessible directly through the web server. This increases the server load and download time, since the site must resolve the path for each file download request', array('!file-system' => \Drupal::url('system.file_system_settings'))) . '</dd>';