This issue is part of the task to update the hook_help texts of the Drupal 8 modules:
#1908570: [meta] Update or create hook_help() texts for D8 core modules

- review / write the hook_help text according to help guidelines

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While working on this I found some UI related misalignment:

When we visit taxonomy admin page : /admin/structure/taxonomy just after we install Drupal there is alignment problem.
'Operations' dropdown gets displayed under 'Weight' heading instead of getting displayed under 'Operations' heading.
Once when we add a new Vocabulary this gets auto adjusted.

Please check the screen shot attached: See attached screen grab

Please let me know if we need to raise a separate issue to address this problem or should we patch it here itself?


Current help doesnt provide any information about the operations dropdown, show/hide row weights available at /admin/structure/taxonomy.

Can I add that in the patch?

I would file #2 under a separate issue since the two are unrelated.

RE #2, yes please file a separate issue in component taxonomy.module. If you can make a patch, even better! Also, looking at the screen shot, what is that extra "+" button above the table supposed to be, next to the "Add Vocabulary" button? Maybe you can put that in your separate issue too?

RE #3, yes please add something about the operations to the help. And the show/hide row weights, which should be combined with the places in the help where we describe how to change the order of taxonomy terms in a vocabulary and the order of vocabularies (explain that you can drag/drop or use the show/hide row weights link/button to do it with accessible select lists instead of your mouse).

Actually, I have no idea what the weight is used for in taxonomy vocabularies anyway. In Drupal 6 it would I think determine the order of taxonomy fields on a node edit screen, but since Drupal 7 these are fields so it is not relevant. Do you know what weight of vocabularies is for? If you can figure that out, it should probably be explained in the help. Weight/hierarchy of taxonomy terms is definitely relevant, because it determines the order in drop-down lists for selecting terms.

Thanks for the quick clarifications. Heres the new issue for #2:
I would start working on this new issue once I am done with the current patch.

Coming to the '+' button I will check the details about it & will see if it has any particular significance in any scenario or not &would act upon it accordingly.

Weight in Drupal 7 seems just adjusting the order... I ll look into more specific features of it& would update you about it so that we can decide upon it accordingly.

I agree, the weight on the Vocabularies is adjusting the order on the Vocabularies listing page. I guess that even though I don't think the order is used anywhere else, it's still useful to be able to organize that page.

'+' button is pointed to same link as ' + Add Vocabulary ' button. These buttons are used to add new vocabularies.
So, we need to remove this redundant '+' button as well.
Here is the issue for this:

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Updated a small description about 'Operations' dropdown & 'Show row weights'

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Sree: Thanks for all the testing and issue filing! That is a very valuable contribution to making Drupal 8 viable.

Regarding this latest patch... Our philosophy in hook_help is that the About section gives an overview of what the module is for and defines terminology. Then the Uses section gives details of things you can do and how to do them. So I think that the information about row weights and operations should be in Uses.

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for your valuable comments & pointing me to the correct direction. I ll update the patch accordingly & would re-submit it for further review.

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Updated in Uses section ...

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The current help text does not mention the possibility to add fields to taxonomy terms.

We would need a template text for all fieldable entity types that can be used in the help text of all entity types to explain this possibility, with links to both field and field_ui help text, i think.

@batigolix: We can use the link module as a template. That has the agreed wording for the About section and for the first Use in it, and has been submitted to core. So if you got the latest 8.x (or in any case the next beta version to be released next week) then you got that text at hand.

I suppose we could but this is a slightly different situation. The link field help text is good as template for other field module. Taxonomy term is the container for fields, like the content type and the user. In D8 we will have +/-8 of such containers, so 1 template text could be useful

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Yeah, we don't want to use the Link module as a template -- that's a field-providing module, not an entity-providing module. However, we do have text in the Node module help about fields already. Let's use that as a template, if possible. Thanks for noticing that batigolix!

We may also have text in the User module about fields; if not, that should be added too, and also to Comment. Can someone make sure those issues are updated/added? (If the User and Comment modules have already been marked Fixed, lets' start with new issues if they don't already talk about fields in a similar way to what we're doing in Node.) Any other modules that need this help?