So I have been researching how to translate my content for a few days now and I have made progress except on my content specifically. I have downloaded all the modules I possibly could find related to language translation but my content just does not want to translate when I click the different language buttons. All the toolbar and admin terms all translate, it is just the content does not. I have not idea why.

My translated interfaced languages are all close to 99% on Fields, Node Types, Menu, and Blocks, I also downloaded the Entity Translation module which I thought is what I needed for my content but not sure what to set in that.

I have 17 modules for Multilingual Internationalization all activated and 3 module of Mulitlingual Entity Translation all activated as well. I am not sure what I am missing. I have been looking through documentation for a few days now but coming up at a road block. Any help would be most appreciated.


If are looking for some special tool that will automatically translate your content, you are about 10-15 years to early - that technology doesn't exist yet. You need to translate your own content. You could use a machine translator, but you will have to be satisfied with knowing that all your translated content is gibberish.

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Oh wow, I did not know that, I thought Drupal's translating modules actually translated the content for me. I know google has tools that you can run it over your website, that is why I thought some genius in the drupal community developed a module to do this. So there is really no tool to cover content to languages besides manually doing it or at best using google translating tool?

Google will translate your content, but it will be mostly gibberish. Proper translation requires a human. Language requires too much context for current day computers.

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Well you learn something new every day, thank you for clarifying, I had no idea language translation needed human care still, makes sense though. First time working with Drupal Multilingual modules so I thought it did everything, it does do a lot though. Watched a couple videos that shows how to set it up:

and even in his videos, the actual content is not translating, just certain elements around the content. Very interesting. Does show how you can isolate certain blocks for certain languages which could be useful.

So after messing with the Multilingual modules, it seems like it really only translate the machine elements surrounding the content, not the content itself which I understand, needs to be done by humans. But even with the tools they give you, when you want to translate a page by using the Translate tab, it basically opens a completely new node page which you would then replace the English content with say translated French content. The issue I am running into is that if they item is a main navigation item, and save it, the french version nav item also appears on the english side. I would have to set up a completely new Menu nav for French. Which means I would have create a whole new sub-domain using the Domain access module to pull in that new french nav only which then also then i should create a separate content type for the french version so in retrospect, probably easiest to just create a completely separate installation for the other languages you need.