I am looking for module that will allowed me while adding files to node/page content TO check wich file need "authorisation".

Next when user get to that page he will see few files/atachments that he can easily download, and at the bottom information that the rest of file on this node/page are looked and need authorisation (files that while adding to node where checked that they need "authorisation").
When he will click at that information, he should seen form where he have to put data, like name,surname, email,company, etc.
After submiting that form by user the administrator should get e-mail with information that user (name from form) ask for acces to protected files that are on the node/page he visiteted.
In that email administrator should have two links to drupal side:
First to give user one time link/access to looked files on the page that user ask for.(by link in email)
and Second to deny access for user to the looked files on the page that user ask for.(by link in email)

I have been looking for that kind module, but no succed. Please give me some help.


A lot of questions there, which may be why no one has answered yet.

Taking just the first, your options are to use private file system for all files and mark them restricted or not (maybe this helps https://drupal.org/project/file_access); or to put the unrestricted files in the public file system using a different field for each. It is not possible to toggle which file system is used unless someone ports Private Upload module to D7: see https://drupal.org/node/725526 and the Stack Exchange page linked there.

Second question: you can output links to the files using Views.

Rest of the questions: I think you will need a custom-written module for this: clearly you are planning a highly complex and specialised website.