Allows the SMS Framework to use as a gateway.
Currently only basic sms sending functionality is implemented.
Rules integration is available thanks to SMS framework module.
I just changed project name from SMS PHPSKR to phpskr.

To do:
Check balance and notify shortage to admin user.

Account of korean sms gateway service provider,

SMS Framework

Project page

git clone --branch 7.x-1.x phpskr results
All errors and warnings have been fixed.

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This module is being sponsored by: Next Aeon Inc - a Korean Drupal Shop since 2009


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project name & some info updated

Tested it and send a sms msg as described

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working as described.

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sorry , i was not familiar with the issue queue terms.
this module works as designed for basic function.

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This is the correct status, see

Status:Reviewed & tested by the community» Needs work
  • In sms_phpskr_admin_form(), instead of using a $conf array and setting up defaults, can you use variable_get/set functions instead? You can use system_settings_form() to return the admin form, and then you don't need to store all those values manually.
  • Why are you setting 'msg' => 'test', in sms_phpskr_command() ?
  • There's also no code for case 'getbalance': is that intentional?
  • In case of errors, can you add a call to watchdog() to log failures?

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  • Actually, submit handler of sms_phpskr_admin_form is sms_admin_gateway_form_submit from sms framework module. It sets sms_phpskr_settings variables. So I think that just checking $conf array might be enough.
  • 'msg' => 'test' was just for debugging. Cleaned up!
  • case 'getbalance': Actually I planned to implemnt balance checkingfuctionality next time. I just added.
  • This module returns $result array with false 'status' so that sms framework module can log errors to watchdog. In case sms module doesn't log errors, this module logs errors using watchdog.

Thanks for your review!

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  • There is an empty line at the beginning of your .info file, it shouldn't be there.

Otherwise seemed pretty much okay.

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That minor issue is surely not an application blocker, anything else? (RTBC is the correct status if you could no find blockers)

Removed empty line at the beginning and polished some code and add some comments to README.txt.. thanks.

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added sponsorship ^^

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You have an unused variable $authkey in sms_phpskr_admin_form(). Could not find any other problems. Pareview's complaint about form_state['input'] is spurious, the value is only being checked, not used.

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It's been a month without any problems reported, so I'm promoting this myself as per

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Thanks you all~

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