After upgrading my site from D6to D7 I don't seem to be able to do things that need the administer site configuration permission like putting the site into maintenance mode or changing the setting for compressing the css-files. I can grant this permission to me and other users but that doesn't have any effect.

I'm still relatively new to Drupal. Can anybody help what the problem could be.

Thank you very much.


A Drupal 6 to 7 upgrade is notoriously difficult unless the site is very simple. First thing is to take a deep breath, and ask yourself whether you really need to suffer the pain of a major version upgrade, compared with the easier option of 1. building a new site, and transferring your content across; 2. living a bit longer with Drupal 6. If you can possibly avoid the major version upgrade, roll back to your backup and take a good look at those easier alternatives.

If you have the patience and determination to get the major version upgrade working you first need to confirm that you have followed the detailed documentation on this site: which documentation did you use? If you have, you can start debugging. If you have command line access and drush you have a head start, and can start by using drush watchdog-show to look at error messages in the database log.

If you are following documentation, you will of course be working on a development copy of the site. If you were living dangerously and working on your live site (which no one with experience of this task would attempt twice!), your first step must be to roll back to your backup, and the start again working on a development copy of the site, if you have concluded a major version upgrade is really unavoidable. I say this because it is not certain but fairly likely that even when you cure this immediate problem there will be a series of other problems to handle before the upgrade is really complete.

Well, I thought about rebuilding the site, but it's pretty large with more than 100 users, several authors etc. So I'm glad, in general the upgrade worked out well (after solving some problems) and I think I did follow the documentation. The only unresolved problem (till now) is the one described above.

Actually I could live with it, since per default the site is in maintenance_mode and I found workaround to put it online. But still it would be nice, to do this and some other things the usual way.

I would have thought it impossible to run a site without admin permissions! Do you still have a user with uid=1 in the database?

O I do have general admin permissions. I can nearly do everything. It's just what's seemed to be effected by what they call "administer site configuration" is, what I can't do like putting the site offline and changing whether css-files are compressed, but I can run updates and I can change permissions and create roles and can do everything else. That's what it makes strange but workable. And I can login as user 1, and all this applies to user 1, too. That's so weird to me.

I would try to load the page then check the Reports > Recent Log Messages and Apache error log for problems.

Thank you very much for your replies. The little wonder has happened. I didn't do anything, but now everything is okay. Maybe it was an internal problem with the mysql database.