I do maintenance on my jobs website and we are having problems with it running very slow. So slow that it took me about around twelve minutes to get a backup to start downloading, and it took five minutes to just pull up a blog to edit. I know we are running at full memory and are already in the process of looking into upgrading. I was also wondering if it's true that modules can slow down a website. That was one thing I read online when looking up how to fix a memory error. Any help is much appreciated.



If you're not making use of drupal cache, then maybe you should. Also try
https://drupal.org/project/views_content_cache if you have a lot of views.

If that hasn't fixed it then maybe looking at the Net panel in Firebug will tell you why your site is so slow, that or get yslow (a free browser addon for firefox).

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I have found that disabling the Overlay module can help speed things up too.

Cheers, Leah

It's the entire site. Even if I am just in the back end trying to edit blocks etc. it still chugs like it's on dial up.

if you give me the URL I can tell you what's taking it so long to load.

Saving the internet, one file at a time.
If I helped, Pay it forward or give me a cookie ;)

We actually got things figured out.


Please share your solution(s). I'm trying to troubleshoot a slow site as well.

What was your resolution.
We run Drupal on a VM running SLEZ for VMware.
5.5 MySQL db is on a physical server.

RAM upped on the web server... and db server has been optimized.

There are a lot of views... but it's the same when I go directly to a node.
I'll try that views_cache module but...

Thanks Grant

Rebuilding the VM solved the problem.
Wasn't a Drupal issue.

Sorry for the late reply but our issue was on the server side. We needed to upgrade our RAM and CPU.