Chrome version 30.0.1599.16
iOS 7.0.2

Opening first link works as expected (opens new tab), subsequent links on the same tab open about:blank tab and do nothing.

Issue specific for iOS Chrome.

Tested against links at

Possibly related to:
New issue opened at:



Could you please let me know if the problem still exists with the dev module?

Installed dev and will be testing today.

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Looks like it fixed the issue, I had several people test it. Only comment I received is that the target= has been removed. Not sure if that's relevant or not.

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Okay, looks like target=blank isn't working. Attaching screenshot of settings.

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Oops, wrong screenshot...


Does it not work at all? or is it not working on mobile sites?

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So here's an update. Maybe my site is just crazy at this point because others don't seem to be having the same issue in the queue.

  1. After installing dev as you mentioned in #1 I thought it was fixed with the exception of the _blank being removed from target. But it must have been a caching issue. The next day it wasn't working at all on both desktop and mobile (and I didn't see any js errors).
  2. After confirming my settings in the dev version, I uninstalled the external links module entirely, cleared the cache, and then installed the dev module directly. Now I am back to the original issue of links opening correctly on Desktop but not opening at all on some mobile devices.

K, I can now confirm this is happening first hand. On an iPhone, the link with the text "Standing Strong" in the first sentence of this node's body opens to a new tab on iPhone using Chrome browser but doesn't load any content.

Again, use this link:

and then click the link "Standing Strong" to reproduce the behavior.

Looks like this issue is specific to Chrome for iOS.

On my end as well, looks like first link clicked on page load/reload works. All links clicked after that experience the problem.

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adding example url

Going to try and give a summary here of what I've found out. On latest dev:

  1. On an iPhone using the Chrome browser if an external link is clicked it works as expected an opens a new tab.
  2. Upon closing the new tab and returning to the parent page, if another (different or same) external link is tapped, a new blank tab will open that loads nothing.
  3. In order for the links to begin working again, the page must be reloaded. This somewhat defeats the purpose of an external link.

I've looked through the Chromium issue queue but haven't seen anyone else dealing with the same issue.

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Updating status

Title:External link on Responsive Mobile site not always working correctlyExternal Links functions incorrectly with Chrome on iOS

Thanks for all the information.

Can you please let me know the version of iOS and chrome you are using?

I do not have an iphone to test this against. So this might be hard for me to reproduce.

External Links uses JQuery to insert the links.

if (settings.extlink.extTarget) {
    // Apply the target attribute to all links.
    $(external_links).attr('target', settings.extlink.extTargetValue);

Could be related to:

Definitely could be related.

Chrome version 30.0.1599.16
iOS 7.0.2

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Updating original post to make it more clear.

Updated the issue summary.

I am going to say it is probably an issue with the implementation of the target attribute/JQuery in iOS Chrome.

So there isn't much we can do at the moment. But we will keep an eye on the issue.

For tracking purposes, new Chromium issue posted at

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Updated summary

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Adding new Chromium issue to summary

Chromium issue updated, however, this might be helpful here as well. Unminified and uncompressed version of page with issue is located at