Can anyone please suggest an easy to use gallery module? All I want to do is upload photos into galleries. I've spent days trying to get Media and Media Gallery working, and I just keep getting tons of errors. And when I search for the error messages one here, the replies keep saying the issue has been fixed.

Please help, I'm getting really desperate!


the easiest would be to use a custom content type for each gallery with an unlimited image field.

Though the devil is really in the details of what you seek in a feature set and you don't mention any of those.

Using Views and Views Slideshow will give you a nice interface if that's something you would like help with.

Cheers, Leah

The easiest lightweight way to do this is to make a content type with an unlimited image field and use abit of css to display the images in a grid as thumbnails and then use lightbox2 or some other variant to display the full image.


I like Views Slideshow for basic sliders, and Views Slideshow Galleria for the photo-album type things.
My favorite thing about doing these using Views is that my users just have to add an instance of a Slideshow Image content type, and Views picks it up automagically. No need to teach them to do markup.
Check my site in progress at arcosanti.resonetrics.com - examples of both are there.
The regular Views Slideshow is used on most pages; Gallery examples on http://arcosanti.resonetrics.com/arcology/arcology-galleries

The CSS is a very simple approach, only a couple of lines in a file and applied to the stylesheets. It will allow you to have a single content type that will just work. Furthermore having lots of views can eat up resources and slow down the entire site. The method I am suggesting will take literally 10 minutes to set up.


Furthermore having lots of views can eat up resources and slow down the entire site.

The above can be minimized 'some' by exporting the views and turning them into custom modules. Thus not having to extract the view itself from the database.

Again making the original issue more complex ;) + Still slows down the site more than just css


Agreed Rob, but it depends on who's creating the slideshows. I want my admin users to do this themselves, and Views is a great help to that. Upload an image, select which gallery it goes in from a popup, type some text into a Caption box, and you're set.
Asking them to learn to tag images with classes and/or edit CSS has been less than successful in my experience.
YMMV of course.
Also, well-considered caching can eliminate a lot of bottlenecks.

single node galleries were offered as an option in the 1st comment. Elaboration with using views in a topic that discusses galleries can't hurt.

single node galleries can be limiting with reference to commenting on specific images. single node galleries only allow commenting on the gallery itself. Can tend to limit search, ratings and other bells and whistles that many users who seem to start with 'simple' galleries want to expand to later.

Agreed, using views offers much more flexibility and features; I was just offering a simple, lightweight solution. Ultimately its up to the authors desires and how flexible they want their galleries to be. As he has not commented we don't know!