The htmlarea module does not work at all with this theme.


Title:HTMLArea module not compatible with occybody tag missing onload attributes
Priority:Normal» Critical

this is due to body tag missing onload attributes, which means module java script does not get loaded.

most themes have body tag that looks like this in page.tpl.php

<body <?php print theme("onload_attribute"); ?>>

This is incorrect information.

In Drupal 4.7 and 5.x correct way of adding onload events is to insert the following snippet in the generic (outside any functions) part of your module javascript:

if (isJsEnabled()) {

You can call addLoadEvent, as many times as you wish. It will stack-up functions and call them in queue.

tag -may not- have custom-written onload attribute, nor should your javascript excplicitely call: window.onload=. Something like that will either break Drupal's normal operations or not lead to calling your onload function.

Version:master» 4.6.x-1.x-dev

this was submitted before drupal 4.7 was released to begin with. this is how box_grey did it back then