Greetings everyone!

Can someone please assist me in my quest? I am currently working on a website which contains a huge amount of images (2,000 approximately). I have to take the images and resize them and then incorporate them into the site. In addition, I have to integrate Paypal into the website. As you can imagine by the time I finish I will be touching 100 years old! I was recommended the use of a CMS.

1. Can Drupal assist with large numbers of images being incorporated into any website created with it?
2. Can Drupal integrate a payment system (such as Paypal etc.)?

I have so far being using Dreamweaver. Will Drupal help me get the work done any quicker or easier?

3. I have heard Drupal is a nightmare to install. Is this true?

Please note I am NOT an expert on html coding, creating complex databases etc. but can use Dreamweaver and Photoshop as basic design tools.

Any advice, please?

Thank you

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1. yes
2. yes

what editor you use is up to you however, there is far less to handcode when using a CMS.

3. no

Drupal will resize the images using the core image.module

Thanks VM for the input!


Most of the questions that you requested information for are mostly covered by the official documentaion of Drupal. I would suggest reading that carefully as a base for the development of your new website. In the order of the submitted questions:

1. Sure, Drupal can handle that. Here is more information the matter here

2. Integration of Paypal on your Drupal website can be found here

3. The installation of Drupal is easy and you can find more information on it here
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You can do it and drupal's installation it's easy. If you want i can help you or give you assistance.

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1. install Drupal
2. create a content type, for example "Artwork" or "Image" as the name.
3. create an "image style". With Drupal 7 this is at /admin/config/media/image-styles. I usually use "Scale and crop".
4. add an image field to the content type. In the Display Settings, set the desired image style (the style you created in step 3).

You can control the page layout further using Display Suite, Panels, or creating a custom TPL template.