I am running Drupal 6 and my site has been up and running for many years.

I am facing this problem for many years and I don't bother to fix it until now when my productivity on managing the site has decreased due to this problem.

The problem is when I am editing the user when I am logged in as admin, the loading take forever if not hang or display cannot find error message to load the user page.

I seriously have no idea why is this happening, all other pages are loading fine. The only pages which are not loading fine is the edit user page when I am logged in as admin.

Any help please?


Hi, even tough from your information it is hard to tell the exact problem, but it can be anything, i.e. a custom module code taking long time to execute or a contributed module causing a problem.
The best way to solve this problem is to install Devel module and debug the page for long query executions.

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