I have migrated a Drupal application from our self host to a linode VPS a few days ago. After the migration I found that the home page and a few other pages are not loading the custom theme we have been using.

On the new host, I have installed LAMP stack. I used mysqldump to backup the mysql database and moved over to the new host and restore it. For the Drupal code I also make sure the hidden .htaccess file is copied over and preserved all the original setting.

PHP version are the same on both host. Drupal version of the app is 7.20.

You can see the working site on the old host HERE and the site on the new Linode VPS HERE

The home page and the about-us page are missing css styles so far.. Still can't figure out why!



A couple things I'd look at right away:
- permissions - your theme may be writing its settings to a file in the files directory - are you sure your webserver can write to it? chmod -R 777 on the files directory...
- Theme settings - I have an issue with one theme where I need to visit the theme's Settings page and hit "save" after a database migration. No need to change anything, just need to make a new Settings file. So you might try visiting your theme's Settings page and see if all looks correct, then save the settings
- Cache - if you migrated your whole DB with mysqldump you probably migrated your old cache tables along with everything else. Flush your cache, just for giggles... or perhaps you've already tried that?

I have actually tried all these! Any idea?

A further investigation found that the code on the new host failed to load html.tpl.php. I made the app echo the template that being rendered in the theme_render_template methid in theme.inc

The home page on the old host:

However on the new host, only this being rendered:

Any idea?

Anything relating to this in the Drupal log or the Apache log? Also you may have a php error log somewhere that you could look at.