I use this great Theme for a site and really like it but right now i am facing a problem in google chrome.
In the audioplayereither with the audio.js flield or the media module https://drupal.org/project/mediaelement,
the audiocontrol to go back and forwards for some reason dosn t work in Chrome that means if i click with the mouse on the orange part i should be able to move the white to jump forwards or backwards. It works for firefox and even IE8! And it works in google chrome in the librairy demonstration http://mediaelementjs.com/ and also im the sasson theme others i did nt test . i wonder if this is an issue with AT or conflict with another module i have on this specific site??
Would be really glad if somebody can help me out with this , here the link to the site http://www.gideon-efrati.com/
Thanks a lot Susanne


Its not a bug in the theme and i found the solution its because in google chrome the private files uploads were the reason the controls didn t work there!
Thanks a lot and another question
I wonder if AT Theme has in intention to integrate RTL support in future i didn t arrive to use it with RTL and LTR Languages on one site . May be somebody found a way and can share it? I tried many themes and like AT the most and need the RTL. Susanne

Status:Needs work» Closed (works as designed)

With regards to RTL, no not really. It was always meant to but like so many things I ran out of time during the development of the core theme to make it work, sorry, but the theme is very complex and getting RTL to work is a very big task.

Note that the Drupal 8 version will/does support RTL (its in development now), its something I always regretted not having time for.