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The PathSubscriber class has only one line of documentation and it appears to have been copy/pasted from another class. It's totally wrong.

It needs to be replaced with a line documentation that says what it actually does, which is to translate path aliases.

I think this is actually a good novice project.

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Here is a patch.

Should we fix the RedirectResponseSubscriber class in the same time, I think it's the same problem.

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Thanks! Yes, let's fix both.

Also, a small grammatical problem: which -> that.

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I also changed the file docblock, should be "Contains" according to https://drupal.org/node/1354#file

Title:PathSubscriber documentation is totally wrongSubscriber class documentation is lacking in a couple of places

Looks good to me! Thanks for the extra doc fixes. In a small patch like this, they are always a welcome addition. Updating title. :)

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Thanks again! Committed to 8.x.

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