I am a new user of Drupal - our web site was set up by a company and I am now carrying out the administration.

A few days ago, I tried to amend some text on a basic web site page, but when I went to 'edit' the page the 'body' text box and also the 'summary' text box are missing - the page is just blank where the text boxes used to be.

Does anyone have a solution to this? I have done some searching, but have not found any recent posts about this problem.

I am using the current version of Chrome (Version 30.0.1599.69 m).

I am a non-technical user, so I would appreciate a lay-person type response.



Hi @JMThomas,

May be their is some break in some code on the site. You can debug this by enabling the "Database Logging" module of drupal. If this module is already enabled then Edit the page and navigate to "Reports --> Recent log entries"

If you have some php errors or some other errors then they will be shown in the logs.

Another solution would be to see the server error logs.

The issue can lie in any part of the site like some block or something else and you need to debug to find what is wrong.


Hi Sadashiv,

Thanks for your response.

The "Database logging" module is already checked.

I edited the page and saved it and then viewed "recent log messages" and there were no error messages, it just said that the page had been updated.

I don't think I can view the server error logs.

Interestingly, I can see the body text fine when I log in from home, and another person who has admin rights too, can view the body text from their PC at another site. Someone suggested that it might be a problem with our firewall (we are in a big organisation). Do you think that's a possibility?



Hi @JMThomas,

The firewall can cause the issue as the site works fine at home. Your site may be trying to load something which is blocked by the firewall and causes the javascript (js) to break. One simple way to test is to use the firebug in the browser and check the console if it shows some errors.

If firewall restricts the access it will show 403 forbidden for a remote js or may show some other js error causing the text editor to break.


Have you tried checking your role has permissions to edit the fields for the relevant content type...especially if you have a module installed that allows you to set permissions on individual fields such as https://drupal.org/project/field_permissions

Could be something as simple as that...

have you tried logging in as user/1 can you see the fields? This is the super user and you should be able to see everything.


Thanks for your response.

I definitely have permissions to edit the body text as I have done this before, and as I have just told the last person, I can view the body text fine when I log-in from home.

Could our organisation's firewall be causing the problem?



Cant see how this could be a firewall problem...

Have you checked the html source or inspected via a browser developer tool... could
be the fields are there but are being hidden by css or jquery....for some reason.

If the html isn't there you will probably have to go to the theme code & check the logic.

is the site using an editor? if so; disable the editor and test.

Hi VM,

Thanks for your message.

How do I see whether the site is using an editor?




I thought I should let you know that the problem has been resolved.

Our IT department edited the settings on our internet content filter, Bloxx, to allow the traffic to and from the site, and now I can see the body text box again when I try to edit a web page.

They said that you can never be sure where the target is pulling information from. This means that you can allow a site but elements within the site are pulled from another site and so they can still be blocked.



I have a fresh Drupal install, and I have the same problem: no body text box for making basic pages. This is happening when I make new pages. I can only put a Title for a new page, no other text boxes.

You mentioned this was resolved; did you determine that it was something in YOUR CONTENT that was triggering the Bloxx filtering?

I am also using in a corporate environment, maybe something in the Drupal core code is being blocked?



Hi JM Thomas 21/10/2013- Thank you.
Glad I saw this entry as my next step was to bring my Site down and reload or rebuild it.

Very interested in this solution as my Site is over a year old and was recently moved by my ISP to a new Server and since then I have lost the editing page provided by WSIWYG and tinymce. My Status report shows that everything is up to date and all modules and core are current. I have full permission to Edit. WSIWYG has been configured to select tinymce as the editor and that program is configured.

In a new page the Editor is not available and in a current page the old text is shown embedded in the html code. I have assumed that the problem is with my installation, which appears to be all in order. It looks as though it means yet another phone call to my ISP to see if the problem is on the new Server. It has been an issue taken up with my ISP for a couple of weeks now and the Server possiblity has not been offered.

Any thoughts,please

My apologies for messing up this thread, put it down to old age and lack of knowledge of such things.

why on earth did you copy and paste the entirety of the thread in your comment?

Simply, I made a mistake and was unable to delete the error. You will note that I had inserted an apology with the post, which should have made your comment unnecessary.

unable to delete the error

Correct you can't delete the comment but you can edit it with the edit link. you still can.

inserted an apology with the post

Admittedly I missed that while trying to decipher the comment in an echo chamber ;)

Either way glad you sorted out your issue.

Thanks VM, I have done as suggested and learnt another item for my brain to retain- keeps away the old timers disease. Thread edited. After two months of problem solving on my Site I am getting a little gun shy about tinkering too much.

After much investigation at my end and support from my ISP provider I have made the decision to bring the Site down and rebuild it on a fresh platform. I suspect that the transfer between Servers plus all the fiddling made the Site unstable with some conflicts, which obscured the text editor amongst other things. A second test Site was loaded up and the text editors worked like a bought one on the clean site.