During the initial configuration of my new Drupal site the titles have somehow dropped below the content. I have searched as I'm sure this must have been answered before but I can't find the answer.

I have enabled the contact form module and have installed the Webform Protected Downloads module along with the Webform and Token modules that it requires. I am using Dark Elegant theme. The issue does not affect the Bartik theme. You can see the problem here: http://novahoward.info/contact

Please help, I'm a newbie to Drupal and am keen to get on with the rest of my site as soon as possible.


you're going to have to work backwards through your changes.

Did you move the $title variable in node.tpl.php?

Thanks for your quick response. Since I don't understand what you've just said I'm going to say no ;)

I'm pretty sure that when I first set up the protected webform it was displaying just fine (edit: I know it was). All I've done since then is create blocks and move them around a lot. I've disabled registrations, changed some permissons and hidden some default blocks but nothing too serious. I guess I have to uninstall the webform module to see if that makes a difference, but I've spent half the afternoon configuring it :(

Edit: I know it was displaying correctly after I finished configuring the webform but all I've done since then is play with the blocks...

inspecting the theme dark_elegant.

a quick look at the theme in question seems fine. I'd disable the theme. Remove it. install again and test. I can't see why moving blocks around should cause the $title to move. Inspecting the CSS doesn't seem to indicate any oddities either.

Thanks. I'll try that and let you know.

install it again = get a new download from the project page

Not feeling positive. I just set Bartik to default, disabled Dark Elegant, then in FTP I deleted the folder for Dark Elegant within sites/all/themes. I then downloaded the theme from drupal.org again (choosing the tar.gz this time to distinguish from the .zip I used last time) and in Admin > Appearance I clicked "Install new theme", browsed to the tar.gz file and installed. All my settings have been remembered from last time, including the titles still falling to the bottom.

What can I try now?

have you tried clearing the database cache? administer -> performance

beyond that the only suggestion I have is to file an issue in the issue queue of the project in question in hopes that the developer can take a look.

I hadn't tried clearing the cache but I have now. Problem persists.
Thanks for you help. What do you mean by "the project in question"? Dark Elegant theme?


as an aside the demo site linked to the project page seems to work perfectly fine including the contact form.

Thanks, I'm on it.

As a by-the-by I changed all the blocks and content that I had changed to "full html" back to "filtered html" just in case I'd put some dodgy tags in there. No joy. I have also reverted every change I remember making in the settings and have disabled each of my new blocks one-by-one. I can't think what I could have done to cause this but it's driving me mad now...

I had created a basic page and promoted it to front page. It shows in block configuration as "Main Page Content" and resides by default in the "Content" block. Well I wanted it to display higher up so I moved it to the "Content Top" and that's what made my titles drop!!!

It was driving me mad so I created a backup of my site as it was then restored it to a spare domain. I then deleted all my files and database and started again with a clean installation of Drupal, recreating my site by copying and pasting content over from the backup. I checked my site in a different browser after every change to see where the titles were and as soon as I changed the "Main page content" to the "Content Top" region I saw the titles fall!! I can now make those damn titles toggle high and low by toggling the location of the block!!!!! What's really ironic is that I'd changed my mind about having that block in Content Top and was about to change it back to Content anyway when I noticed the titles had fallen, which of course through me completely off track. Anyway, problem resolved. I now just need to decide whether to keep recreating my site or just restore the backup I'm copying from. Thanks for your help VM. I guess I'm now going to revisit the Dark Elegant issues area and change this from a support request to a bug report....