Has anyone used AngularJs for developing Drupal based website?

Are there any advantages of using AngularJs in Drupal?

I have been using Drupal for sometime but very new to AngularJS, please share your experiences about using AngularJs in Drupal?


I'm thinking about it too...
I've write a tutorial in french to get the phonecat angular tutorial working with a drupal backend.
If you want, you can translate it or correct my poor english.
For now, i've write it with libreoffice, but i will put it in a blog.
You can download this tutorial here : ng-angular.tar.gz with the drupal features.

I am multilingual, but French is not one of my powers.

If i try to translate the document in english, can you make a read back for me ?

Probably someone who is English as a first language can do it.