I have required sent direct message in a popup[Same as attached screen] . How it's configured. When i have clicked on the sent message button it will be redirected to the new page . Please some one help it. My client has urgent requirement.


Title:Direct message in a popupPrivate message in a popup
Component:User interface» Trusted Contacts and Private Messaging
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Category:support» feature
Priority:Major» Normal

What you're requesting is a feature request. Updating the project components. You can help this feature happen by filing a patch.

I've updated the meta-data for this issue to be more accurate. I encourage you to take a moment to read the documentation on getting the most from the issue queue.

I am new with drupal. Kindly provide us the module name or settings details which helps me for open private message in a popup.

To reiterate on #1: That functionality doesn't currently exist in Drupal Commons and would need to be added through via a patch to the source code.

Probably the most light-weight way to do this is with the modal forms module. But it will require code, as Ezra said. Modal forms gives you an API to develop your own module which would bring a popup upon clicking.


I do like the feature idea!

Attached is a quick patch that adds support for modal_forms. We may want to adjust the URLs (particularly if there's going to be more than just a 'message' action in the future) but this should do for now.

Status:Active» Needs review

Thanks for the patch! Marking as "needs review."