I'm using my own template

For the "commons_homepage_content"
that filter the content types.

How can I render Entity content type
as views instead of have to customize them
with panelizer‎?

Because I would like to use
views rewrite results to display
some of my teasers content

Many Thanks!


I'm not totally following, why not embed a view within the panel for display?

Sorry, I wasn't very clear
the "commons_homepage_content" view
renders all content types as entities

Maybe it's because I'm still learning drupal
but I think this might be the thing I have to use?


"When working on large, complicated sites, it is common to create multiple view modes for entities. This problem is exacerbated since there is no simple way to view the final rendering of these view modes without creating some sort of display, or finding some sort of display on your site already rendering the view mode.

Layering Panels, Panelizer, and other rendering systems on top of the core entity rendering system makes viewing final rendered output extremely difficult."